Naoko “Q-chan” Takahashi’s great disappointment (circa 2008)

Here’s the recap of the 2008 Nagoya International Women’s Marathon as it appeared in The Japan Times.


A four-part exposé: The Doping Epidemic

This four-part series was published in The Japan Times over the past two weeks.

BALCO founder Victor Conte dishes out a lot of insight about systemic problems that plague anti-doping efforts and provides a number of examples of sports governing bodies failing to set (or execute) policies that would strengthen efforts to punish drug cheats. WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency is analyzed in depth, plus Olympic coverups and other scandals, too. Conte names names and delivers a no-holds-barred critique of a wide range of issues. Other sources weigh in to provide their views, too.

The full report:

A summer beach party: Beijing Olympics beach volleyball (column flashback)

This was a fun column to write from Beijing during the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Part IV of The Doping Epidemic series

Here’s the final installment of my series in The Japan Times. BALCO founder Victor Conte (and others) provide insight on problems with doping in sports.

Dikembe Mutombo speaks about life, basketball, his passion to make a difference

Here’s an in-depth article I wrote on Dikembe Mutombo in the summer of 2012.’

Column flashback – Kitajima’s swimming feats inspire a nation

From Beijing, I filed this column in August 2008 after men’s breaststroke specialist Kosuke Kitajima picked up his third Olympic gold medal (en route to his fourth, thus repeating his 100-200 double).

Kitajima’s swimming feats inspire a nation

Part III of The Doping Epidemic

Here is part three of an ongoing four-part series in The Japan Times this month.