‘Superman don’t need no seat belt’ (and many more tales from inside and outside the boxing ring)

Ed Odeven Reporting

By Ed Odeven
TOKYO (Sept. 8, 2014) — It may seem that Thomas Hauser has always been consumed with boxing, every hour of every day. That’s not the reality, though. Really.

In a wide-ranging email interview, Hauser reveals how his decades-long fascination with the sport began, some unforgettable moments along the way as a chronicler of the sweet science and opinions on a number of topics, including Mike Tyson’s challenges as a promoter.

The 68-year-old Hauser, who has has completed more than 20 published books on boxing, received the Boxing Writers Association of America’s Nat Fleischer Award in 2004, an annual honor that recognizes excellence in boxing journalism.

In 1991, Hauser’s “Muhammad Ali: His Life and Times” was selected as the William Hill Sports Book of the Year award, an annual British honor for sports literature

* * *

Can you pinpoint a moment or a memory that sparked your…

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